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A great way to support spotfixes, cleanliness drive and other volunteer initiatives by WE MEAN TO CLEAN (WMTC) is by buying t-shirts designed by one of our volunteers. 100% of the artist's commission from the t-shirt you buy shall be added to WMTC's funds.

WMTC's designed t-shirts are available at PaintCollar.com on this link: paintcollar.com/manishkhurana If you are buying to contribute towards our funds then please buy t-shirts available at this page only.

And keep checking for new designs!

There's only one requirement to volunteer with WE MEAN TO CLEAN (WMTC): You must be driven by the realization that this country can be cleaned up only through citizen-led action, and be endlessly motivated to make (and not just see) a cleaner Delhi and a cleaner India.

Meetup.com is our primary platform for registration of members and scheduling of events - spotfixes, cleanliness drives, awareness programs etc. You'll be taken to our meetup page on this platform and you can sign-up there. The site will ask you to activate your account by verifying your email ID. Once you're done, you'll have WMTC's joining form with few basic questions. It's all very simple!